Monday, March 14, 2005


Welcome to the Surly Librarian! With any luck at all, this is the first of many posts to come on this blog, and I hope at least some of you will enjoy the ride. As you might have guessed, I am a librarian, but don't let that fool you; I lived a long a checkered life before entering this field. In my previous existence as a graduate student, I also tended bar in many sordid locales, and at my last stop, one of my co-workers (whom I like to call "Brooklyn Mike") insisted I was surly, hence the name of this site. (He was right, by the way--but you try serving the cheap and demanding clowns in Manhattan Beach, Ca. and see how cheery you stay!)
This blog will cover plenty of topics, most likely. I have a fairly wide variety of interests, from sports (a good time of year for it, what with the end of the year college tournaments about to begin) to reading to music to films to the TV to history to politics. That last subject will probably garner the lion's share of my posts for awhile, given the horrendous state of affairs our country is in currently, but we'll see. For now, check out my two favorite political blogs here and here.
Well, I've gotta run; TiVo is calling me to watch the ESPN Bracketology shows I "taped" yesterday!


Blogger Tom Paine Thirdson said...

If it blogs like a duck and types like a duck, it must be Bryduck. Welcome, indeed, my friend. Now on what in the world shall we start a thread which will not unravel our careers?

All I can say is last year I wrote in Syracuse to win it, but then since I am from the Syracuse area, I changed it so I wouldn't be wasting my chances on something stupid like home team loyalty. So I am afraid to even look at the brackets this year. Will have to very soon.

Keep writing. You may be surly, but you're always early (to the reference desk.)

12:51 PM  
Blogger Johnny LaRue said...

What in the world are you talking about in "Day 3"? I tried to follow but the installment seemed to pick up out of nowhere and proceed to direct me toward oblivion. I'm genuinely lost and need your help with translation. Is it because I'm not a librarian, or that I didn't go to college, or both? Sincerely, Johnny LaRue.

7:56 PM  
Blogger bryduck said...

I was talking about some occurrences that happened yesterday at the conference that I mentioned in "Flight Day to DC". That, and I was just kinda leaping into a narrative midstream as well. The "GPO" is the "Government Publishing Office". A "Wiki" is a website that relies on everyone to provide its content--it can be edited at any time and re-edited the very next minute. Go to "Wikipedia" and check out some of the entries. There's a button onscreen that allows you to edit the article. If you screw the article up, someone else will correct it pretty darn soon. The Kit-Kat lady was clearly someone who needs more spine.

5:46 AM  
Blogger bryduck said...

Government "Printing" Office. Sorry 'bout that.

8:00 AM  

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