Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On vacation prelude

TBO and I are on vacation! We are currently living it up in the wine country north of San Francisco, and each day so far has been wonderful. Well, except for one thing. I suffer from debilitating recurring episodes of severe gastric distress (about which, 'nuff said). The pain, necessity of reaching a bathroom, and general annoyance of feeling anxious about same have become constants in my life for awhile now. (On an increasing curve of frequency, unfortunately.) I'm undergoing diagnostic medical procedures to find out what exactly is causing these episodes, but apparently this set of symptoms is understood but little. I got a good referral from my oncologist for a specialist in the field (Dr. Christopher Chang at UCLA) who has been fantastic, but we have yet to discover the actual origin of my distress.
I mention all of this only to point up what a wonderful person TBO is, because at no time has she ever showed any impatience or "eye-rollingness" with me when I tell her my stomach hurts or that I need to get to a bathroom now. Perhaps anyone would be as understanding, but I doubt it, and I thought I would take the occasion of our honeymoon to thank her for it. So, thank you, TBO!


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