Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quick hitter on Connecticut

Today is the vitally important Democratic Primary in CT. If you know anybody that lives there, please tell them to get out and vote--for Ned Lamont. Tell them that it's imperative we send a message to the entire Party that it's not ok to run to the right when our very lives and national well-being is at stake. Tell them it's not ok to embrace the President under any circumstances. Tell them it's not ok to continue to support a sociopath and his allies when they are clearly trying to destroy the very foundations of democracy in this nation. Tell them that Joe Lieberman, for all his good efforts at equality and socially liberal stances in the past, is not ok for Connecticut, and their vote means something today. Lamont may not be perfect, but he is better than Lieberman on every issue, and there is no chance we can lose this seat to a Republican--even they've given up on fielding a decent candidate and are instead supporting Lieberman! That's not ok. If we are ever to recapture the Senate, the House, the Presidency, and our country, it must begin somewhere, and this is the first golden opportunity we have. Go Ned!


Blogger sporksforall said...

Ned rocks. Lieberman sucks. Out.

10:55 PM  

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