Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Flight Day to DC.

I’m going with the Beautiful One to the “Computers in Libraries” conference in Washington, D.C., where I was born. As opposed to most of the conferences/conventions I’ve been to for my profession, this one promises to be not boring, judging by the list of topics. There is a distinct possibility, however, that the real difference is that I’ve become more wedded to the causes and ideals of librarianship, and that therefore I’m boring! I’d like to think not, but I guess my loyal readers will at some point tell that tale . . .
I used to fly Northwest Airlines a lot, and I never liked them all that much; with all the changes wrought by deregulation and privatization, they (along with most of the airlines, I suppose) have simply gotten worse. No meal (of course), and the only snacks offered cost $3. For that $3, though, you get a “variety of brand name items”! As impressive as that sounds, the Beautiful One and I passed, preferring instead to pay far more for probably not much better in Detroit, where we were stopped for 1 ½ hours. By the time we reached the Churchill Hotel at 9:30ish, we had been traveling for about 12 hours--I was exhausted and in some real pain from a bruised/broken coccyx I suffered several weeks ago. Fitting two grown adults into a double bed, the Beautiful One and I collapsed into a coma, to be awoken twice by people trying to dial room service (66) and failing miserably (we were in room 603—you figure it out!).


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