Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You know, Smirky, that it's a supply problem, right?

For an ex(?)-oil executive, Smirky sure doesn't seem to know much about how that bidness works. In his speech to the Small Business Administration, Smirky urged somebody (certainly no one who is a member of the SBA can afford to, so I'm unsure who Smirky was really addressing) to build more refineries so as to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. (Find the story here.) Um, Mr. President, you do know that refineries don't actually grow the stuff? That more domestic refineries does not mean more domestic oil? Or maybe ol' Rove and Smirky are trying to hoodwink the public yet again into thinking they actually have a functional plan to do something helpful for the country while lining the pockets of the oil industry! That would be a stunner, wouldn't it?
In the same speech, Smirky also asserted that deregulation is coming to a nuclear plant near you so as to make it easier for companies to gain a license to operate nuclear power plants. Given that nuclear power is nearly anathema to the American public, I'm having a hard time believing that any of this part was on the up-and-up. Most likely, Smirky and the boys decided that they would frame the argument by proposing only 2 choices, knowing full well that almost every American would rather drown puppies than have a nuclear plant move in next door, leaving only the oil option open. I can hear the spot now: "Are you in favor of lower gas prices, or would you rather have your neighborhood become another Chernobyl? Vote yes on Amendment R. America needs more refineries of her own."


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