Monday, January 30, 2006

Screwed for a generation, at the very least

25 votes. 25 freaking votes. That's all the anti-Alito forces could muster on the vote that matters--to preserve the filibuster which held the only hope of keeping the Supreme Court even modestly centrist. It hardly matters that he'll most likely be confirmed with one of the lowest totals ever; who cares about that? That's much like the grades one gets in graduate school--completely irrelevant in the job market. Once he's in, he's in for life, and it doesn't matter one whit whether he gets in by unanimous acclaim or by a single vote.
This is a black day for those of us who care about liberty, or rights, or anything remotely American. We have been let down by the only party that even barely represents us. The Democratic Party could only hold onto 56+% of its members, letting us all know that our political system is dying. Instead of 2 parties representing alternative views of our nation, its values, and our future, we have 1 party hell-bent on ruling over the rest of the nation with an iron fist and another that acquiesces on issue after issue, trying in vain to pretend as if it's still 1979 and the Republicans will play fair, or be reasonable, or behave responsibly "next time".
I've got news for you, Joe Lieberman, Robert Byrd, and all the other wretched power mongrels on "our" side of the aisle: they ain't ever going to be fair or reasonable again. Voting along with them is exactly like giving in to a spoiled brat; they won't be grateful, they'll simply ask for even more next time, and they'll gloat about what losers you are to boot. The problem is that you aren't simply losing political infights over some pork barrel legislation--this stuff will affect the present and future of our country, for chrissakes! Don't you guys get it? The Republicans intend to strip the gains of the 20th century away from us, causing us to revert back to a 19th century economy and society. I realize it must be tough for you to understand, since you are almost all rich white men and don't stand to lose too much through all this--heck, maybe you really don't care about the rest of us out here, and that "D" next your name means absolutely nothing anyway.
Who needs curbs on employer power? Who needs a safety net for those wrongfully accused of a crime or fired? Who needs protection against illegal searches or imprisonment? Who needs a judiciary that recognizes discrimination as a societal wrong? Who needs abortions? Who needs a judicial system that actually functions as an independent branch of our government? (I'm sure President Smirky has it in his heart to care, right? I mean, he wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody, would he?) We all do, you scumbags.
I hope you all get strip and cavity searched on the way home tonight--Sammy approves of that, remember? Even if you're only a 10-year old girl.
I hope you all get thrown in prison and tortured--Sammy approves of that, too.
I hope you all lose your jobs and pensions due to your political persuasion--Sammy wouldn't stop the executive branch from doing that, because he believes in the power of the "unitary executive", and Smirky and the boys don't need you around.
I hope you all get punched in the stomach every day for 9 months straight and then after that have to pass a baseball through your penis, because that's as close to pregnancy and delivery as a man can get (or for you, Sen. Landrieu, a full-term birth of triplets), and that you all have to adopt and care for every unwanted child that gets born from this point until the day you die--Sammy doesn't believe that abortions should be legal.
I don't necessarily blame the Republicans for being assholes--most of them are too stupid (or insane, which means you, Sen. Bunning) to realize that they're presiding over the death of our society and political culture, and the others are pure evil--have you ever listened to Santorum, Frist, or Graham speak? Those Democrats who consistently cross the aisle to vote for their agenda, on the other hand, have to be aware that they are betraying the principles of their party, and they are therefore blameworthy.
I will continue to look for people to support in office, and I will continue to analyze the outrageous behavior of those sick fu%^s in power, but this was indeed a black day for our country, folks, and unless sane people regain power soon--and do something to overturn the political and governmental actions of the last 3 disastrous decades--we've definitely been witnessing the beginning of the end of our democracy. We can't afford to piss the entire world off and sell off all our assets and destroy the Constitutional basis of our government and still survive the century intact. All republics and democracies throughout history, to say nothing of empires, have failed in precisely this manner, and we are doing absolutely nothing to stop it from happening here and now. Ooh, but look over there! Something shiny!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ooh....[s]omething shiny!" Exactly. Keep it up, Bryduck!

10:48 AM  
Blogger scout said...

It just confirms something I've been suspecting for quite a while now: that the Republican Party has completed a merger with insane fundamentalists nationwide for the express purpose of laying the groundwork for Armageddon, for they are all certain of their place in heaven and they just can't f*cking wait to get there!

12:27 PM  
Blogger bryduck said...

I wish I could say that you were exaggerating, Scout, but I happen to agree with you completely, as whack as that theory really sounds. That mindset, combined with that of the pro-business, greedy, and egocentric mainline Republicans who have always inhabited the darker corners of our political landscape, have produced an unholy (pun definitely intended!) new Age of Terror for anyone who disagrees with them on any aspect of their agenda. Heck, you don't even have to be from the center-left to get hamstrung by these self-centered pigs. Remember John McCain in 2000? He had the audacity to challenge Smirky's ascension and had his daughter publicly smeared violently and vociferously until he backed off and quit. He "saw the light" of course, and by 2004 was happily supporting his own neutering as a political entity by stumping for Smirky. We are in big trouble, gang . . .

2:16 PM  

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