Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Show

The show was pretty darn good. Even though Dream Day didn't play many of my favorite tunes, they were so obviously having a good time playing--and they certainly played hard! An early highlight for me was when they completely shredded "Bagdad's Last Ride" from Beet. Rick Rizzo, the lead singer/band leader, enjoyed pointing out the line he had written almost 20 years ago, "Your uniform stands for the green dollar bill", clearly indicating his disdain for Smirky and the Gang.
The audience roared its approval throughout, and in good bar band fashion, when the band ran dry, a couple of beers made their way to the stage. The ultimate highlight for me, though, was the second song of the encore, when the band covered one of my all-time top Joy Division tunes, "Isolation". Rizzo apparently plays this for his solo shows, but Eleventh Dream Day rocked the house down with this version. What a terrific night! The absence of more of their songs I would have liked to have heard simply makes me want to see them again; I hope they give me the chance.


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