Monday, March 17, 2008

House: 1 step in the right direction

Let's hear it for the Democrats in the House of Reps! They took a stand against telecom immunity, rejecting the Senate bill including it and sending their own FISA bill back to that body. And then they went on their scheduled 2 week break! Well played, indeed. Even if the Senate Dems roll over yet again for Smirky--the Republicans are well past being a lost cause--nothing happens for 2 more weeks anyway.
The longer we keep this issue front and center, the more the general public will see that the Republican Party as a whole cares not one whit for their rights, but instead wants to insure that their corporate buddies/funders are kept well fed and quiet. This is all about making sure the telecoms are safe from prosecution, and therefore safe from being forced to turn state's evidence against this Administration's coercive and unconstitutional practices.
If you are in the habit of emailing or calling your Rep to berate them, please remember to email/call them to thank them as well when they do something responsible--I would bet those pleasant congratulatory messages go a lot further than the angry ones!

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