Monday, December 15, 2008

Dancing with the Devil brings consequences? Gee . . .

The LA Times has just put out a column by Steve Lopez in which Lopez bemoans the fate of one Margie Christofferson, manager of the LA restaurant El Coyote. You see, Christofferson donated to the Yes on 8 campaign and the restaurant was subsequently boycotted vociferously thereafter. Lopez tries to get us to sympathize with poor Margie by saying how upset she is that her life has been thrown into turmoil. (Lopez hastens to add, of course, that he opposed Prop. 8, I suppose lest we think that his article was derived from bigotry instead of idiocy.)
I'm sorry to tell you two clowns, but more lives were disturbed by Prop. 8's passing than ever could have been by its failure, in a far more profound way, and your article is outrageously patronizing, Steve. It may indeed be a shame that Christofferson's life has cracked, but the shame lies entirely within her soul. No one put a gun to her head forcing her to donate money--earned in large measure (apparently, based on the success of the boycott as mentioned in the article) from those opposed to legal bigotry--to the Yes on 8 cabal, and your feeble attempts to humanize the story beyond that are laughable. Christofferson was free to do so, just as we are now free to hold her accountable for her hate. Maybe she should have thought about the consequences of her actions before stabbing her gay patrons in the back as she was "schmoozing" them.
What gives the lie to her true feelings, and what makes this article reprehensible in and of itself, is that when given the chance to rectify her shortsighted bigotry, she chose not to donate a like sum (or more) to help those she has wronged, but instead simply "left in tears." Boo freaking hoo, Margie. And Steve? The story that you wrote is not really about Ms. Christofferson getting hurt, but instead concerns her whining about getting caught being a bigot. She offers no restitution or apology (which could have made for a relatively more humane story), and instead of calling her out on that, you take her side, making excuses for her that even she doesn't voice! Bravo, jackass.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you email steve? if not:
it would make for a good letter
however, i would take the name calling (clowns, jackass) out, as it actually cheapens the impact (not in the blog; only if you intend to email him directly).
if you do, i'm sure many of us would be interested to here if you get a response.
also, there is this:

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