Thursday, March 17, 2005

Day 2

The hotel we’re staying in is ok, although for nearly $200/night, I would have thought Internet access could have been provided, let alone a continental breakfast or more than 1 small bottle of water between the two of us. Heck, the Beautiful One had to suffer through a shower that alternated between too hot and too cold. Niiiiice.
On to the convention!
The presentations themselves were pretty good, although they all suffered from the same problem; each session was limited to just 45 minutes. Each presenter seemed unwilling to tailor his/her speech to that constraint, however, leaving the impression that we were simultaneously missing out on some materials and racing through the rest at a mile a minute. Some presentations were supposed to be panel "discussions", leaving even less time for each person's talks!
The hotel continued its struggles against us. I can't seem to get the heating control set to anything comfortable, even at its "low" setting with the temperature bar lowered all the way to "cool". The Beautiful One's (btw, that is only a pseudonymic choice I have made--she would never be so accurately presumptuous!) shower was unpredictably hot/cold again, making for some interesting observations coming out of the bathroom in the mornings!
The Churchill: the hotel that Hell left behind.


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