Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chemo 3, cont'd

Well, I woke up Thursday weak, somewhat dizzy, and a bit nauseous, which is not a good way to be. The real concern, though, was my temperature, which climbed throughout the day. I called in sick to work and stayed in bed all day, playing the game "do we call the doctor now, or wait another hour to see what happens?" TBO was good enough to humor my lack of desire to travel in my condition; we called the nurse practitioner and she suggested that the fever, at least, might be a new (to me) side effect of one of the side effect-fighting drugs. Unfortunately, the rest was probably my own stupid fault--I had tried to bolster my protein intake a couple days earlier by getting a small bit o' sushi. Um, oops. Now I'm on cipro for a cycle, and had to go to the UCLA clinic for a few hours yesterday for a blood draw. I felt much better yesterday, and I'm back to what passes for normal today, although I have to forego any trips to the outside world at all this weekend. Great. We don't know for sure yet if I poisoned myself, but the consequences are serious enough anyway. No more Tekka Maki for me! : (


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