Thursday, October 22, 2009

Health insurance: an idea whose time has passed

With the unfortunate debate over how to reform our health care system devolved to whether to give insurance companies a little more money or boatloads more money, it is incumbent upon all caring humans to realize that health insurance companies exist solely to make money. They are not in the business of health care--they only stand between us and the care we need. There is no reason whatsoever for them to be a part of anyone's life decisions, whether indirectly (can I quit this job I hate and remain insured?) or directly (can I afford to go to the doctor for this pain/illness?) TBO and I are struggling to get our son a flu shot this season, ironically because we have insurance and a primary care physician. His office doesn't have any vaccine, but if we were without insurance, we'd be eligible to get him a free shot provided by the County. Oh, but government-run health care is eeeeevil. Anyone believing that is a moron, plain and simple. As if we need another story illustrating the depravity of the insurance business, there's this:
Christina Turner's night started out just fine; she was relaxing at a bar in Fort Lauderdale and (probably) happily accepted a drink bought for her by some guys. Happens every night at millions of places, and usually leads to nothing more harmless than either new friendships (sometimes even love!), or new stories of humor or woe. In Christina Turner's case, however, it has become a story of tragedy and sickening despair with lifelong consequences, because the a-holes spiked her drink with a date-rape drug. Turner woke up on some roadside with cuts and bruises indicating the possibility she was raped. Turner did the right thing by going to the hospital and following her doctor's regimen of anti-AIDS meds.
Months later, though, as Turner was shopping for a new insurer, she found out that her having taken the anti-AIDS drugs disqualified her from obtaining any coverage, even after she explained the circumstances (as if that should make any difference anyway)!
That's right, she was turned down for health insurance because she had been raped.
This is a sick-minded industry that needs to be completely wiped from the face of the country, and any upper managers who have taken any part, ever, in devising the policies that cause incidents like this to happen need to be sued into bankruptcy and homelessness, an end equal to that suffered by the millions of others due to the implementation of those policies.
And we, or more accurately, the weak-willed and spineless Democratic pols, are dithering over a "public option". Disgusting.