Monday, March 21, 2005

Interesting news on the war front

The US Army has raised the age limit on first-time reservists to 39, as if that will help raise the millions needed to continue prosecuting our wars in the Middle East. See the article here. I'm thinking that there probably weren't a whole host of 35-39ers out there chomping at the bit to sign on for ever-lengthening terms of service in the reserves, no matter how "patriotic" they might have been. My guess is that if any members of this demographic had wanted to serve, they would have already volunteered for the regular army. Is this instead just another step along the way to instituting a (gasp!) draft? That would be Republican Party electoral poison, of course, except that I'm convinced that this Congress would attach some convenient riders to any draft legislation. They would surely want to make sure to eliminate any chances the sons and daughters of any wealthy backers might have to actually serve the country, doncha think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, You!
I've never read a blog before so thanks for being the first in the family to start one. Interesting Librarian Conference in D.C.-I have trouble telling if you guys as a profession are seriously right or left.
What a mess as we start Year 3 of the war. I see no possibility of "success" if defined as a stable, "democratic" Iraqi government independent of US military support. The various factions within the country have no interest in peace; they want control! Do you see any difference between this situation and Vietnam?
Have a great day and say hi to TBO.
Love, The Older Sister

9:09 PM  
Blogger bryduck said...

Librarians are in favor of such things as freedom of information, freedom of speech, freedom from censorship, and freedom to read/view anything. While these sound like pretty "American" ideals, strangely enough in this political climate those views land us closer to the radical left than the center. I think the wars we are engaging in now are virtually identical to Vietnam, except now we are including a religious component, making them much, much more dangerous. We are making enemies worldwide even as our internal economic stature is deteriorating, and both of those are happening with lightning rapidity--neither of which happened with Vietnam. Ick.

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