Saturday, April 14, 2007

Really, is anyone surprised by now?

I hope all of you have heard that the White House has been letting hundreds of its employees use unofficial email accounts, funded and housed by the Republican National Committee, and that an untold number of the emails sent by these accounts are now "missing". This story actually hits close to my professional home, as it were, because there is a federal law governing the archiving and access of all electronic messages sent by government employees. Even after its neutering by Smirky shortly before records of Reagan-era misdeeds (almost without doubt covering Iran-Contra and Pappy Bush's involvement) were to disclosed to the public, the Records Act still applies to the saving of all emails involving the Executive Branch's employees, up to and including Smirky and his pals (although by all accounts, Bush is incapable of, er, doesn't use email), and down to the lowest page. That any of them have been deleted, for any reason, is a violation of this law, and an affront to transparent and open governance.
Gee, really? This Administration might have destroyed evidence or attempted to cover its illicit tracks by violating the law? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you! Next you'll be telling me that they have perpetrated electoral frauds, too. Or that they took us to war under false pretences. Or that the Vice President shot a man in the face. Or . . .
Um, yeah. Anyone out there who still thinks the Republicans and this Administration aren't the embodiment of evil needs to be slapped. Hard. And then shipped off to Leavenworth, the Hague, or Utah, depending on their level of culpability.
Update: The volume of emails missing could number in the millions. See this.

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Anonymous TFJ said...

Let's send them to Quantanimo. Then we'll never have to hear from them again.

9:51 PM  
Blogger bryduck said...

Irony works for me . . .

7:09 AM  

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