Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Issue That Wouldn't Die

I am speaking, of course, of this whole Schiavo mess. Why it is the federal government's business what happens between 2 individuals, who are married (obviously the preferred form of relationship for this Administration) no less, is beyond me. Why the Administration thinks that keeping this poor woman hooked up to a feeding tube, when it has been demonstrated to all scientific certainty that she is totally bereft of even the most basic cognitive or physical "awareness" is beyond me--oh wait, did I just say "scientific"? That's it--of course!
Since the head bozo doesn't believe in rational scientific proof, why shouldn't the rest of his disciples oppose this merciful act? It's obvious that God is going to restore her spinal cord to its fully functional state and repair the virtually complete brain damage Schiavo suffered, isn't it? How can we stand in His way? (Not that this "culture of life" the Radical Right supposedly holds dear has anything to do with actually saving lives, since they don't oppose either the death penalty or killing as many Iraqis, Afghanis, and Americans as is necessary to spread the Gospel of Capitalism, er, Freedom.)
The only good that could come from this tempest is that anyone in Congress who supported the absurd legislation is running roughshod over the vast majority (by ABC's account, a 63-28% split) of the public's opinion, and since this included almost every Republican in attendance, that could spell trouble for them come election time. That is, if the Democrats and those to the left of what-used-to-be-center hold those Republicans' feet to the fire. (I'm not holding my breath, but it could happen . . .)


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