Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's all about fun when Hillary's in play

TBO, sporks, scout, and I were at dinner last night when I saw something amazing. A t-shirt with the slogan "Re-defeat Communism" above a "no-Hillary Clinton" symbol and a "2008". The ignorance of that shirt (and the unfortunate gentleman who was wearing it) astounded me. I mean, I know hating the Clintons has been a Limbaugh-inspired Republican hobby for over a decade, but equating either of them with communism is just plain stupid. I suppose if Bill hadn't gone along with every economic plan the Republicans wanted, with or without his wife's approval, it might make some sort of partisan sense to try to slur Hillary that way. Instead, President Clinton actually signed into law such pro-big-business legislation as NAFTA, supported the creation and expansion of the WTO, and supported the continuation of Reaganesque welfare "reform"--just as if he had been a Republican! His whole administration was like a continuation of Reagan's love letter to the staunchly conservative free-market business leaders of America. Communism? It's so ridiculous as to be laughable, except for the fact that morons like the gentleman last night (who presumably wouldn't know what communism was if THE STATE suddenly started reading his emails--er, wait, they are . . . gee, how ironic!) don't really care that they are being wildly misinformed. They only want to win, and will rouse the rabble any way they can, even if it means being massively inept in their slanders and libels. Who pays attention to reality on the Right, anyway? Sheesh. No wonder there is still 35-40% (as of 3/4/06) of the country that think Bush is doing just fine.
To sum up, then, the Clintons are to be blamed for everything that's gone "wrong" with the US since 1992 (although that's incredibly difficult to maintain, given that the Republicans have controlled Congress almost the whole time, let alone the White House for the last 5 years), but also for things the Republicans and conservatives desired, and now get to be castigated for being almost their polar opposite in political temperament?
Amazingly idiotic, that is.


Blogger scout said...

Anything to incite the riffraff, indeed. And they're so incitable!

Gay pagan feminist communist for president in 2008!

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's all well and good, but can she bake cookies?

9:36 AM  

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