Saturday, March 26, 2005

Annual depression hits

Well, I finished watching the first 2 days of the Sweet Sixteen and boy am I bummed. Every team I rooted for is out. Duke, Washington, UWM--all gone. Even the teams I was solely rooting against--Kentucky, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Illinois--foiled me by winning. No Cinderellas (defined as any team from the bottom 32 seeds) in the Final Four this year, even though many of the top 4 seeds in all of the regions had lost. I guess I can root for West Virginia but I'm not all that thrilled to do so, and besides, they're probably out by this time today anyway. It was nice to see them oust Bob Knight, though. Basketball purists are probably happier this way. Most columnists and those in the know picked an Illinois/UNC final game, and it sure looks like it at this point. Yawn. Give me the drama and elation of a team coming from nowhere to show up the big guys over having the predictable occur any day of the week. (Although, obviously, my being a Duke fan doesn't exactly match that outlook--heck, I gotta have something to hold onto as my beloved 12 and 13 seeds die off! Otherwise, what's the point? The lowest seed ever to win it all was an 8, and only one of those has ever done it, let alone any true Cinderellas.) Ok, I'm done, you can all relax. I promise, I will not use the word Cinderella for the next 11 months . . .


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